Georg Sverdrup

"The congregation is not organized , unless there is work for all. It is not for a congregation to hire a preacher to work for it, so that they themselves can escape their duty. No , the congregation in this way is likened to a choir [which] has to have a song leader to instruct and lead. Shall the instructor sing alone? Shall not all join in? Such is the congregation; it is a gathering of God's servants who work for God's Kingdom, for Christ's cause. The leader is not superfluous, but is the more necessary so that they may sing in unison." 

"The Important thing is to bring as many as possible to salvation in Christ through sincere repentance and living faith. It is not a question of getting the congregation to grow through a compromise  with the world, but of insuring its growth through the drawing and convicting power of the Holy Spirit. The intention is not to turn the congregation into a mission field, but rather to make it an evangelizing force in the world, both at home and abroad."

"Our congregations need to be set free, which is essentially the same as saying that they need to be awakened or revived...When God's Spirit comes upon a congregation, the first and most profound effect is a living zeal for the salvation of souls...When those who have themselves been set free from death, arise in the power through which Christ arose from the dead, and begin to labor for the awakening of others, then freedom has dawned in truth. The bonds are broken, other considerations are brushed aside, and only one thing matters; how can we get those who sleep awakened, how can we get those dying saved, how can we get those who are bound set free, how can we get someone along with us on the way to eternal life?"

" the New Testament there is no talk about any bishopric...nor any church council, or synod...There is a congregation in each place where there are Christians, and this congregation has its elders and bishops; but there is no 'church ruler-ship' of any sort..."

Martin Luther (1525 ?)

"It is the duty both of the preachers and of the hearers first of all and above all things to see to it that they have a clear and sure evidence that their doctrine is really the true Word of God, revealed from heaven to the holy original fathers, the prophets, and the apostles, and confirmed and commanded to be taught by Christ Himself. For we should by no means ever let doctrine be manhandled according to the pleasure and fancy of the individual who adapts it to human reason and understanding. Nor should we let man toy with Scripture, juggle the Word of God, and make it submit to being explained, twisted, stretched, and revised to suit people or achieve peace and union; for then there would be no secure or stable foundation on which consciences must rely." 

II Corinthians 3:17b "...Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."