Our children are integral to the body , they are valued and they are amazing. Our goal as a congregation is that each child be raised up to find his or her identity in Jesus Christ. The hands in the photo are the hands of those young people who have graced our youth program through the years. Lately our youth program has suffered due to a lack of young people, that does not mean we are not willing or able to move forward with exciting new opportunities for our youth, it means that the opportunities for a vibrant youth community is limited only by your not being here. Come and join us, define your life in Jesus Christ. The wall has plenty of room for your hand print or church body has plenty of room for you, a hand print that has the prospect of creating something amazing. Now is the time to be a part of AMAZING.

Our youth are connected into a national youth organization that meets biannually at the YMCA of the Rockies, the meeting is named the FLY Convention,  our youth leaders also travel every other year to a meeting in Wisconsin called FLY Beyond. AFLC youth are heavy into student missions, and offer youth leader training and youth worker weekends all designed to strengthen the ministry for our youth. The resources offered are amazing and striving to always get better. 

The motto of the Free Lutheran Youth is Win, Build, Equip  and Multiply. Join with us as we build our church upon the willing and energetic lives of our youth. Click on either photo to the right to learn more about the opportunities afforded to you  and your children in the AFLC